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Parent Volunteer Hours

Welcome to Renaissance Charter School at University. You are about to join a very important part of this school’s educational team-our school volunteers. It takes an exceptional person to give his or her time and energy to help make our school stronger. Your caring enables us to work better and more productively, and your involvement brings to our students extra time and personal contact that are vital to academic success.

Since we feel that parent volunteers are a vital part in making a school successful, Renaissance Charter School at University encourages that parents volunteer for twenty hours of service to the school each academic year or thirty hours of service if parents have more than one child attending the school.

UNIV Parent Teacher Cooperative

Welcome to the Renaissance Charter School at University Parent Teacher Cooperative (PTC). We believe that the involvement of parents in the education of a child is essential. Not only is academic communication important, the volunteer commitment of parents is vital to benefit the programs of the school. The UNIV PTC is structured in a manner that respects the importance of time with family, engagement in the school community and the opportunity to enrich the programs of the school for students.

A major component of the UNIV PTC will be the team structure of events, fundraisers and identified needs of the school. A parent can focus their talents and personal enjoyment with the events and opportunities of the school. Volunteer organizations have always known that putting the right volunteers in the right places increases the success of the organizational efforts. UNIV intends to put these lessons into practice and harness the immense talents and abilities within our school.

For more information, please contact our PTC Liasion, Jessica Suarez at jsuarez@universitycharter.org